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ON Ventures™ is an insightful Venture Capital
with innovative models and great talent.
The Fund’s objective is to deliver long-term capital appreciation by investing in private businesses with principal operations in Mexico that provide commercially viable and innovative products and services, while also contributing to the economic and social development of the country.


For small and medium size companies and early stage projects.

We target innovative companies with high growth potetial in Mexico.

We seek for passionate Entrepreneurs committed to ensure the following objectives:
  • Create successful partnerships when in minority position.
  • Allignment of interests and commit to a common vision for the company.
  • Complement management teams with top talent.
  • Leverage extensive netwrok of successful professionals.
  • Hands – on approach to portfolio company management.
  • Guidance of institutionalization.



Leaders in the entrepreneurial, VC and Angel industries across Mexico and Latin America.

Investment Strategy

Balanced portfolio investing in two chapters: ITC and Multi – Industry. Common investment criteria looking for “High Growth – High Value Trends”

Leveraged Alliances

With KIO Netwroks as leader on ITC and Endeavor leader on high impact entrepreneurs. 

Leveraged Network

Providing mentoring capital for Entrepeneurs to grow their companies. 


Let us know your ideas and share your proposals.


Strategic Partnerships with Endeavo and KIO Networks..

The strategic partnership with KIO Networks will provide insight from the IT sector to focus investments on companies with innovative offerings or developments that are tapping on to “High growth-high” potential trend.

The Endeavor Investment Network extends the reach of the venture community by providing investors access to Endeavor’s network of high-growth companies, local investment partners and business leaders in all of Endeavor’s growing markets.


ON Ventures™ Growth:

The Fund will invest no more than 65% of the committed capital investment opportunities on small and middle sized companies of any industry aside Real Estate, allowing investors to take advantage of structural and opportunistic investment situations that arise from:

  • Competitive advantages on innovation.
  • Family-owned business looking for management improvement.

ON Ventures™ KIO ITC:

The Fund will invest not less than 35% but no more than 55% of the Total Committed Capital in early stage Information Technology and Communications (ITCs) opportunities. This chapter will be strategic leveraged by the alliance with KIO Netwroks, the most influential corporation on ITC in Mexico.


On Ventures Team

Leader Entrepreneurs with successful ventures. 

The management team includes professionals with advanced degrees in engineering, business administration, economics and finance. The founding partners represent established entrepreneurs, angel investors and proven executives. Collectively aggregate several years of experience in their proffessional fields, demonstrated by a track-record of proven success launching new ventures and managing funds. 

Luis Antonio